Kids ENT Health : Signs It's Time to See a Specialist 

Ear, nose and throat conditions are one of the most common reasons for which kids visit the pediatrician every year. In fact, ear infections are the most common type of illness in children. Other frequent pediatric ENT issues include tonsillits and sinusitis. Parents believe ENT problems are usually  limited to the colder months, but they are common conditions year-round. And while most pediatricians are equipped to handle basic ENT problems, there does come a time when an ENT specialist should be considered. 

Here are a few scenarious when your child should see an ENT specialist: 


Persisent snoring is not normal in children. While it's not necessarily a cause for urgent concern, it's important to rule out certain conditions. Sleep apnea, for example, can lead to a variety of health issues including malformation of facial bones, behavior issues, and even bed-wetting. 

Recurrent Colds 

It's no secret that children are prone to getting colds. But, if cold symptoms are  persistent or if the symptoms get worse, it's time for a visit to a specialist

Chronic Ear Infections

If a child has more than three ear infections during a span of six months, that may mean ear tubes are needed. The decision whether to use ear tubes is made with input from a child's parents, pediatrician, and the pediatric ENT specialist. 

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