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Our Gastroenterology Board Certified physicians specialize in gastroenterology, hepatology and related endoscopy procedures. Our Nurse Practitioners (APRN), work closely with our physicians to provide our patients with the care they deserve. The providers and knowledgeable staff are committed to providing quality healthcare in a safe, patient-friendly and cost-effective environment. 

Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in digestive disease diagnosis, evaluation and management to our patients. We are strongly committed to the professional development of our physicians and staff. Excellence, honesty, and compassionate patient care are the core values to which all members of Cumberland Gastroenterology aspire.

56 Tower Circle 
Somerset, KY 42501 


Monday 8AM-4:30PM
Tuesday 8AM-4:30PM
Wednesday 8AM-4:30PM
                            Thursday 8AM-4:30PM
                             Friday 8AM-4:30PM 

Our Team

Photo of Dr. Benjamin Bryson with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland Photo of Dr. Samir Cook with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland Photo of Dr. Todd Horn with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland
Benjamin Bryson, MD  Samir Cook, MD Todd Horn, MD

Photo of Sharon Adams, APRN with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland

Photo of Lana New, FNP-BC with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland
Sharon Adams, APRN  Alisha Cooley, APRN Lana New, APRN

Photo of Angie Stinson, APRN with Gastroenterology Associates of Lake Cumberland
Angie Stinson, APRN

Our Services

Gastroenterology is a medical specialty within the field of Internal Medicine. Gastroenterologists treat disorders of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, also known as the digestive system—including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, pancreas and gallbladder. The conditions gastroenterologists treat include a broad range of conditions, such as: 

Gastroenterologists are specially trained to perform diagnostic tests of the digestive system. Their training includes the use of special instruments, such as endoscopies, to examine the inside of the digestive tract or obtain tissue samples (biopsies).

Information For Patients: Your First Visit

During your first visit, a detailed medical history will be obtained. It would be helpful if you bring a complete list of your current medications with dosage and instructions. (Your Pharmacy can provide a list for you) You may also bring your medications with you to the appointment. 

The doctor will ask you questions about previous illnesses and medications. Your answers may help to successfully treat your present medical condition. Bringing the results of recent labs, x-rays or other medical tests is encouraged. 

A physical examination, especially directed to the areas pertaining to the gastrointestinal tract, will be performed. The doctor will then discuss further diagnostic tests, such as laboratory studies, X-rays and endoscopic exams that may help diagnose your condition. Depending on your insurance, a referral by another physician may or may not be required. 

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